Derusting and coating fuel tanks

Steel fueltanks of old cars and motorcycles are often corroded on the inside. This often causes issues with the fuel system, such as clogged filters, carburators or injectors. This often causes the engine to run poorly or not at all.

The issue is that when fuel tanks were still made from steel, fuel was leaded. This lead left a thin layer on the inside of the fuel tank. This layer of lead prevented the fuel tank from rusting.

Due to environmental concerns, all modern fuels are lead-free. Modern fuels also always contain a small amount of bioethanol. This means the fuel tanks are no longer protected against rusting from the inside by the lead. In addition, the added bioethanol attracts moisture. Especially when the car is left to sit for extended periods of time, the moisture builds up and causes corrosion.

The solution RestoMetal offers is made up of 2 steps:

Firstly, the fuel tank is fully cleaned and derusted on the inside. Both chemical and abrasive methods are used, depending on the state of the fuel tank and the accessibility of the inside.

After the inside of the fuel tank is thoroughly cleaned, a 2 part epoxy coating is applied to the inside of the fuel tank. This coating is resistant to all modern fuels. This coating captures any potential leftover rust particles, and prevents the fuel tank from rusting again.

Outside car fueltank

If there is a small leak because the fuel tank has rusted all the way through or has been damaged, it can be repaired too. The outside of the fuel tank can also be painted using a 2K epoxy paint if so desired.

Outside motorcycle fuel tank

The outside of the fueltank can also be painted in any color, including metallic colors.

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