Derusting and coating fuel tanks

Steel fuel tanks of old cars or motorcycles are often rusted internally. This often causes issues with the fuel system, such as plugged fuel filters, carburetors or injectors. This often causes the engine to run poorly or not at all.

The cause of this is that back when fuel tanks were made of steel, the fuel still contained lead. The lead left behind a thin layer on the inside of the fuel tank, protecting it from rusting.

Due to environmental concerns, fuel now no longer contains lead, and also contains a small percentage of bio-ethanol. The lack of lead leaves the fuel tank unprotected, and the bio-ethanol attracts water. Especially on cars that aren’t used for long periods of time, this causes old fuel tanks to start rusting on the inside.

Restometal’s solution to this is a 2 step process:

First, the fuel tank is thorougly cleaned and de-rusted on the inside. After this, the inside of the fuel tank is coated using a high-grade 2 part epoxy which is resistant modern fuel. This prevents the steel insides coming into contact with the fuels, and also prevents any leftover rust getting into the fuel system.

Outside of car fuel tank

If there is a leak in a fuel tank because it has rusted through entirely or is damaged, this can also be repaired. The outside can also be painted if desired. This also uses a black 2 part epoxy paint. The tank is usually painted in black, but other colors are also available on request.

Outside of motorcycle or moped fuel tank

The outside of a motorcycle or moped fuel tank can also be painted in any color, including metallic colors. Other parts such as headlights, fairings etc. can also be painted along with the fuel tank in the same color.