Ceramic coating

Restometal offers a wide range of kinds and colors of ceramic coatings. These coatings have a couple of special properties:

High temperature resistance

Most colors are resistant to temperatures up to 1000°C. Some colors may have a lower temperature resistance because of the pigments used in the coating.

Thermal isolation

The thermal isolation of ceramic coating also provides benefits in a couple of applications.

In exhaust manifolds, the thermal isolation helps the manifold maintain temperature. This improves the efficiency of the exhaust flow.

In pistons, the crown can be coated to provide thermal isolation from the combustion chamber. This provides a number of benefits. Firstly, it increases the thermal efficiency of the engine as the heat stays in the combusted air mixture rather than being transferred into the piston. This also means your piston will stay colder, which then also reduces the amount of heat put into the engine oil and coolant. Secondly, the fact the piston remains colder also helps against knocking and predetonation.

Low friction coating

Ceramic coatings are also available in low-friction variants. These coatings are often used on the skirts of pistons, decreasing friction and wear.

Another application is in gearboxes, where the low friction coating and the high hardness of ceramic helps reduce friction and wear.


Last but not least, ceramic coatings are also often used just for thier appearance, especially in places where normal paints wouldn’t be able to resist the temperatures.

Most common applications are exhausts, brake calipers, valve covers, oil pans, rims…