About us


The start of what eventually became RestoMetal started in the 60th, when back in the day, sir Schoutrop started a galvanisation company that worked for Philips Sittard, the Dutch State Mines and afterwards for DAF, Volvo and Nedcar.

Every galvanised part on DAF cars that were produced in Born where galvanised at Schoutrop in Stein, Limburg.

Because of this long history, RestoMetal has a lot of knowledge and experience.

We currently still work for a number of industrial customers in the Netherlands and the areas bordering Limburg in Belgium and Germany.

Our services are aimed at both the industrial sector and private customers, who are also very welcome for small work or projects.

You can contact Restometal for your coatings from 1 piece to large series.

Oldtimers, Youngtimers and motorcycles

The last couple of years, RestoMetal specialised in oldtimer and motorcycle applications, with a wide gammut of coatings.

RestoMetal specializes in many different coatings used in oldtimers and performance vehicles. It also has all the necessary equipment to do all the necessary preprocessing.



Circular economy

Restometal makes a strong contribution to the circular economy by not reusing the raw materials, but the products to give it a "new life" by processing and coating the part, which often makes the product better than new and fully adapted to the current wishes and requirements of the application and user.