RestoMetal can degrease, derust and then galvanize all steel parts. We offer both yellow and blue as color.

The galvanizing process is the same as what was used when your young- or oldtimer was originally manufactured. All necessary preparations are also done in house, such as sand blasting, degreasing, derusting etc.

Ceramic coating

RestoMetal offers a wide range of colors and kinds of ceramic coatings. These offer a high temperature resistance (usually up to 1000°C) and are applicable for, among other things:

  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Pistons
  • Gears from your transmission
  • Valve covers, brake calipers, rims...

COR-TEN-steel signs

RestoMetal verkoopt borden in COR-TEN-staal voor een groot gamma van automerken. Geinteresseerd in een van onze borden? Bezoek ons op een van onze stands bij een van de evenementen of neem contact met ons op om een bestelling te plaatsen.

RestoMetal sells signs in COR-TEN-steel for a wide range of car brands. Interested in one of our signs? Visit us during one of our events or contact us to place an order.

We also offer custom designs. Contact us with an example of what your wishes would be for the design, and we will make a fully custom sign in consultation with you.

Derusting fuel tanks

Steel fuel tanks of older cars and motorcycles are often rusted on the inside. This commonly causes problems with the fuel system, such as clogged filters, carburetors or injectors.

As a solution, RestoMetal can has a special treatment. Fuel tanks are fully cleaned and derusted on the inside. After this, a 2 part epoxy coating is applied on the entire inside of the fuel tank. This coating will protect your fuel tank from any future rust, and is fully resistant to modern fuels with ethanol

Powder coating

RestoMetal has a full powder coating installation and necessary ovens to do powder coating in any RAL color.

Steel parts, such as rims, suspension parts etc. can first be galvanized. After this, a epoxy-based primer is applied which can then be powder coated in any color. This offers an improved corrosion protection and prevents rust building up under the powdercoat if it where to get damaged.